The New Psycho-Cybernetics Download

The New Psycho-Cybernetics Download

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So here’s the thing with the newest Oneill 2012 Psycho 2 wetsuit.  What are the differences and what makes it better than its previous season?  Let’s explore some of the differences and come to a conclusion.

The winter 2011 Psycho 2 Zen Zip 3/2 full suit:

  • Zen Zip with a barrier 2 pullover
  • It’s very lightweight
  •  Extremely flexible
  •  Very warm
  • Stitch less Double fluid seam weld including chest panel
  • Plasma wrist and ankle seals
  • XDS Air Firewall with insulation in the chest and back

This wetsuit has some amazing features which is why it was one of the best selling wetsuits in its class.  The Zen Zip has a barrier that pulls over the neck so that water will not get inside of the suit instead the water will get in between the barrier and the neoprene suit and exit at the bottom of the Zen Zip via a small opening, preventing water from entering the suit from the back of the neck area.  Absolutely amazing!

Now for the 2012 Psycho 2 Zen Zip 3/2 full suit:

  • Triple XDS Neoprene
  • Even more flexibility
  • Fluid Seam Width (FSW)
  • Redesigned super seal cuffs
  • Zen Zip closure with barrier 2
  • Much more warmth, flexibility and durability

Having this new Triple XDS Neoprene with 200% stretch makes this suit triple lighter, ok maybe we’ll say that it’s much lighter than before, and it has a much softer feel as well.  Other improvements include the newest changes in the Fluid seam width which has decreased by 60% along with the super seal cuffs being redesigned making it even that much better.  Now there’s nothing more to say about that Zen Zip with the barrier, it’s just absolutely awesome.

The suit provides more warmth and is more durable than its previous season. The flexibility of the suit has also improved with these upgrades and makes for an even more comfortable wearing fit.

So what can you say after checking out the Psycho 2 2011 and its newest upgrade Psycho 2 2012? It’s fair to say that both of them are of high quality standards and very reliable in the water.  But for the most part, the Psycho 2 has shown to be an upgrade that is better than its previous season which is definitely the natural order of things. Oneill continues to be successful with his newest innovations and is expected to continue mastering the latest and greatest upgrades to come. Expect to see more from Oneill. They’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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